Named to Top Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2016

topblogsMy first blog post was on February 1, 2012. I had been a watchful daughter and knew something was wrong, but even after two family meetings (all of my siblings flew in and we shared our concerns together over dinner), my parents were not interested in making any changes to their lives. At one point I had given up, but my siblings convinced me to keep trying. I started to try different tactics, which in the beginning was just finding more ways to engage with my parents on a daily basis. My first blog post is about my dad who got lost driving to my home, a drive he had taken hundreds of times previously. Looking back, my blog really doesn’t start at the beginning, but it does start at the point when most families and friends realize they need to help.

Healthline, a consumer health information website with 65 million monthly visitors, named DealingwithDementia one of the best Alzheimer’s blogs for 2016. That is quite an honor. The editors shared the list of carefully selected blogs were chosen because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high quality information.

After caring with two parents with different forms of dementia (vascular & Alzheimer’s), and facing very difficult end-of-life choices for them both, I will continue to blog. I hope to return to the community the guidance and support so many offered me. I hope that some of the many topics I discuss can help you and your loved ones on their journey. Gratified.