We are here on the 5th world

My brother and I visited my parents for lunch. Both parents are scheduled to see a Neurologist as the next step toward a diagnosis.

Dementia is a pretty broad term. We would prefer to have a little more clarity around each parent’s dementia. One brother and sister are coming into town to be on this appointment with my parents.

My parents were angry with the brother who is coming into town for taking the cars. He is getting blamed, although we all agreed and supported this decision. I thought it would be nice to just visit and have lunch together so we could move beyond this potential confrontation before he arrives to take them to the doctor.

We arrive for lunch and my parents have already eaten. I called this morning at 9:15 AM and my dad said he was looking forward to lunch with us today.

After lunch we are just hanging out in my parents apartment and talking about how my other brother is visiting a variety of Asian countries now. We mention how the notes we receive sound like they are visiting 3rd world countries. My mom pipes up and says she is here on the 5th world*.

My brother stops and turns to ask my mom “What is a 5th world?” and my mom swiftly replies, “It’s 2 more than the 3rd world.”

She’s still clever even if she doesn’t make much sense some days. Giggled.


* Turns out there is a Fifth World prophecy from the Hopi that marks the beginning of a better way of life here on Earth. I hope for my mom’s sake, they were right.