If you think your neighbors are being neglected or abused by their children …

If you think your neighbors are being neglected or abused by their children … Call Adult Protective Services.

After some events over the past few days, I’m aggravated by the random involvement of my parent’s neighbors. Please HELP us help our parents!

If you hear your neighbors telling you that their children have taken their cars, are forcing them into a retirement community, are stealing their money, don’t try to fix this on your own. Call Adult Protective Services (APS). APS investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults 60 years of age or older and incapacitated adults age 18 or older.

If what your neighbor is telling you is true, they need an advocate. Instead of trying to fix the one issue, tell them that you will help them by getting someone involved who can provide them with more permanent assistance to address any past or upcoming issues.

You did not help my parents when you helped them re-key their car, or break into their own home.

The Situation You Aren’t Aware Of: Both my parents had their licenses revoked by the DMV, told us about it, and continued to drive. We learned that their insurance company dropped them after getting the revocation notice. My brothers flew into town, discussed the issue with my parents who initially handed over their car keys. They visited with them and helped them adjust for the three days following this action. A second brother stayed on a week to help my parents.

My parents were compliant the first few days and then started to rebel.

What A Neighbor Did: My parents neighbor connected my dad with someone to “rewire” the car. This cost over $800 and then created additional issues with the car’s electrical system.  We could no longer use the original keys and then had to tow the car to a shop to “refix” the car. Add another $500 to the tab.

The Possible Consequences of your Help: My parents could have killed someone else or themselves when they got in the car to drive. Many days, they don’t remember they no longer have a valid driver’s license or any insurance.

Thanks Neighbor!

Please know that several neighbors have either my phone number or that of my brother. We reached out to ask for their help should they be concerned for my parents safety or well-being.

I’m sure you thought you were helping your kind old neighbors. Please next time just call APS. Frustrated.