Caregivers’ Circle – How to organize financial, personal and medical information on behalf of an aging relative

webtalkradioBy: Stephanie Erickson for Web Talk Radio
It is very difficult to get all of the information we need to make the right decisions on behalf or with our aging relatives. How do we organize finances? Manage investments? Gather medical information? Organize personal appointments? This week’s guest, Kay Bransford, developer of MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life offers her personal experience and how this led to the development of a simple method to keep track of all necessary information. She and I discuss all of the essential financial, legal household and personal information that should be collected and organized to assist you in helping another.

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About: Stephanie Erickson is a Family Caregiving Expert and has a host of resources. She interviewed me for her show and I wanted to share the conversation with you in case we cover some new tips and resources that you may find helpful. Aired.

Understanding Your Life Stage and Caregiving Skill Set

keruppertI was interviewed about my caregiving journey by Kenneth E. Rupert who received Board Certification from the International Board of Christian Coaches as a Master Christian Life Coach in 2012 and founded The Vita-Copia Group to offer life coaching services with a concentrated focus on caregivers.

When managing my family, life, and my parent’s needs grew overwhelming for me, I engaged with an executive coach who happened to also be a Christian. She taught me how to better manage all the aspects of my life from family, faith, community, and career. A huge factor was to embrace my faith and to be more mindful to the things going on around me. The process and the woman was invaluable so that I could manage as the caregiver for my parents. Lynda Alicudo is one of two women who I credit with helping me launch MemoryBanc.

The complete article Ken shares can be found here, but I wanted to share a brief snippet of his life stage classification system which is an insightful way to look at the skill set you bring to the job as a caregiver. In his article, he lists the four stages as:

· Discovering [childhood] (0-19 years)
· Establishing [young adulthood] (20-35 years)
· Accumulating [middle adulthood] (36-60 years)
· Distributing [late adulthood] (61-the rest of your life)

He goes on to speak about how these varied stages intersect with caregiving. I realize that hiring a coach as I began the difficult work of becoming a caregiver was one way to help build a strong and adaptable foundation so that I could manage this journey.

To learn more and get some tools to help you manage on your journey, here is a link to Ken’s author page on Amazon. Recommended.