The secret life of my aging parents

secretIn the days following the initial move, my siblings and I started working through both their retirement apartment and their town home to clear up and prepare to sell, donate and close them out.

What quickly emerges is information about the daily life of our parents they have kept hidden from us for many years. Whether they did not remember or knowingly hid it is unknown. It makes me realize how much changed and how many cues I failed to recognize. Some of the changes happened so slowly, like the movement of a glacier, they were unnoticed until now when I can look back to see how much things had changed.

I openly admit to being dense when it comes to social cues. I recall how often my mom would ask me for a ride so I would pick her up and return her home when my dad could not make dinner due to his plans. When we found a repair bill during the home clean out, we see that my mom’s car had major front end repairs over three years ago. I never heard anything about this accident, my mom just seemed to like having other people drive her around and I never thought any more about it. I was actually thankful she asked for a ride.

As my brother starts reaching out to estate sale professionals, one of the firms tells him he’s been to my parent’s home many times and had dinner with them over the past year. I was very familiar with the firm and the owner because I’d been to many auctions with my parents. The news feels eerie.

I sure hope we already found out the worst of their secret life. Unsettled.