Love Them the Way They Are

I was talking to a friend recently about my parents.

My siblings and I have tried to help my parents in so many ways yet they rebuke most suggestions and those they seem to agree to are quickly forgotten as they return to old habits. My help with their bill payments is window dressing and our visits are more a test of our patience than allow any of us to really help them downsize, organize or manage their daily life.

When I shared my concerns over what’s been happening and that together they are dragging each other down, my friend suggested we “love them the way they are.”

They swore to love each other in “sickness and in health” so why would I even contemplate that they might be better off apart?

It’s such a simple thing and makes so much sense. We can’t force them to stop driving, simplify their lives or accept any help managing their days, so why am I going nuts over it? I have and will continue to try to help when the opportunity presents itself.

God gave them a choice and they continue to exercise it daily. My job is to simply “love them the way they are.” Swallowed.