Is your mom going to be at the test on Monday?

When we were getting the results of the testing for my dad, the psychologist noted some issues with my mom’s memory and suggested she schedule a test. She couldn’t really disagree and my dad already went through it, so a test date is scheduled.

I get a call from the psychologist asking if my mom will be at the test in a few days. I know that the worst thing I could do right now is call to tell my mom she needs to see a doctor. The heels will dig in and game over. She’s proved to be very crafty at getting out of these tests in the past. I ask the doctor if he can call and remind her like he did for my dad.

When I see my mom a day before the test, she denies any appointment. As soon as I’m ready to call the doctor again, she call me and asks if I know anything about this appointment. They are out at their retirement home so they can meet the doctor there first thing the next day, but she has no idea what the test is for and if the test is for her or my dad. I tell her the appointment is just for her and she says, “Great, thanks. I didn’t understand that and I will be there tomorrow.”

I can only hope the test gets done and we can finally have a good medical read on my mom’s mental health. Intrigued.

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