Can you drive us to dinner on Tuesday?

I pick up the phone and it’s my mom wondering if I can drive her, my dad and four friends to dinner next Tuesday. Okay!

Wait, what’s going on? I’m still a little suspicious any time they call and ask for help because so many times when I showed up to help, they looked at me like I grew a third head and denied making any such request. My previous post called “So What” is just one example.

I’m not sure this is ever going to happen, but I let them know I’m happy to do it when they settle on a date. How far do I go with this request? I’m pretty sure my mom will struggle to arrange a date with their friends at the retirement community. Will this dinner make them more comfortable with the idea that they could live at the retirement community but still enjoy dinners at the club without managing two homes?

There are so many times I have done something thinking it will help support a choice they need to make. But the reality that they have no short-term memory brings me back – I need to do those things I want to do. This is one of those things I would like to do. Considered.

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