Your mom was just here looking for her checkbook.

To help with my parents’ bills, I’m switching most of them to electronic delivery so I can just receive the bills and pay them. In working through the accounts, I contact their retirement home and speak with the woman who handles billing.

“Oh, your mom was just here looking for her checkbook. She thought she may have left it here when she stopped by yesterday.“ I shared that I just saw my mom with the checkbook this morning so it must be at their townhouse somewhere.

I’ve lost count of how many times my mom has lost her checkbook. We initially were alarmed when she mentioned closing the checking account for the second time because she lost her checkbook.

Because my parents live between two homes (not ready to commit to a retirement community full time) and they have short-term memory loss, I’m unsure how much of their day they spend driving between the two homes, but I guess it’s quite a bit. I think it’s almost become part of their entertainment.

When we suggest they consider moving to their retirement home full time, they won’t consider it. It’s troubling to hear the checkbook is missing again. However, there is nothing I can do about it today, so I won’t. Placated.

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