Please tell mom to shhh.

While I have never said those words, I think them every time I have a conversation with my dad on the phone.

My mom called yesterday to make plans for Easter. We agreed that we would come out to brunch at their retirement community. Today, it’s my dad on the phone asking about plans for Easter. He is calling because my mom has forgotten the call and with every sentence, she is in the background talking. I want to just tell my dad, “Please tell mom to shhh,” but I do want him to still be with us for Easter.

I ignore it. I know I’ve ignored so many signs, issues and things said over the years because I know I don’t have the power to do anything about them.

I remember thinking that my children have made me a better person because I’ve learned to be more patient (kind of), compassionate, understanding and resilient. Now I realize that my parents will continue to teach me until their last days here on earth. And I need to learn how to enjoy each day. Resolved.

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