Are you stopping by to help us with the bills?

I’m going to have to accept that the invitation to return to help my parents with their bills is their apology for the letter they mailed me last week. When I visited them today I took copies of their bill payments and their cash flow for the past six months. They have to stifle the “huh?” that is dying to escape their lips when I hand them the folder.

They don’t remember asking for it, nor do they probably understand what I’m giving them. When my mom lost her checkbook for the umpteenth time last month, she lost the check register. She can’t go back and see what they paid. I told her I could give her copies of the information. I know that she will have a hard time understanding these spreadsheets. I downloaded the check register from the bank and added in the payees. There is a one-page summary of all payments made for the past month, as well as all income received. She was probably expecting a duplicate of the register book she lost.

My siblings and I discuss our continued effort to apply logic to problems where there is no foundation for it to rest. I am the guilty party of that offense today. I did what they asked of me and that is all I can help with today. Finished.

5 thoughts on “Are you stopping by to help us with the bills?

  1. Yes, logic is gone and it seems to become a parent-child relationships with our parents now being the children. The saddest part is that they are not learning and developing like children do.


  2. You did a great job with the bills and the folder! In my case, it is the sibling helping, thank goodness for that. I noticed my mom working on her tax form dated 5 years ago. I am not asking about that… yet.

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