What we can learn from others dealing with Alzheimer’s

There are so many variations to our journeys but several emotions remain constant – sadness, fear, love, doubt, worry and hope.

Today I thought I would share some links to a variety of stories that gave me hope and let me better understand the choices that may lie in front of me and my siblings as we struggle to best assist my parents.

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Living alone with Alzheimer’s poses challenge for all
How one family is dealing with Mom’s insistence to stay in her home after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

How I Got My Beloved, Demented Romanian Soul Mate to Move to a Nursing Home
A heart tugging story about making the tough decision to put her loved one in a nursing home and the positive outcome that resulted.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s isn’t always accurate
The journey for a diagnosis and some information on other factor’s that can create temporary delirium.

I you find this helpful. Informed.

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