Hey, I should know you.

My brother has come to town to help get my parents to a doctor appointment. The psychologist recommended a medical review to determine if there was something that could medically be done to help my parents.

Between the four kids, we know that it’s really difficult to be with my parents and be out-numbered. We plan and manage the big emotional events by ensuring two of us are on the ground to face it together.

My brother and sister came to town when I left for a few days and got my parents to the appointment for their blood work. That took two tries because on the first morning, when they needed to fast from midnight on, my dad got up at 4 a.m. and ate breakfast.

Now we need to meet with the doctor. We figure my brother could go in with my dad and I’d go in with my mom. So my brother and his wife came to town.

My parents knew of their visit on and off for the past two weeks. My brother wrote letters and called with reminders. However, when they get to their townhouse, my parents aren’t there. He knew to go to their country club. When he arrives, they are sitting at a table for two and he walks up to them.

My mom turns and looks at him and says “Hey, I should know you. “ My dad pops up and refers to my sister-in-law as his Aunt. They have a half-eaten dinner in front of them and look like two deers caught in a headlight. They quickly move tables and within a few minutes seem to figure out who they are and are happy to have dinner guests.

We all know the day will come when they don’t recognize us at all, but for today, they can still pull that memory, even if it does take a few minutes to emerge. Readied.

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