Operation Safety Net: Day 3

My brothers thought all was going unexpectedly well with my parents regarding taking their cars and guiding their move into their retirement community full-time.  When they called my parents this morning they found they were back at their townhouse, not where they dropped them off the night before.

My brother ends the call and after getting over the initial amazement at the location change, they spend 30 minutes discussing how to address the “situation”. Should they go in with guns blazing, leave them there and not go over, or act as if nothing happened and steer them back to the retirement community for the days’ events? They decide to go over, address the fact that my parents are in the townhouse, not the retirement community, ask why it happened, and continue to reiterate that they were there to take them back to their retirement apartment.

The battle they were expecting (again) did not materialize. Our parents were confused as to how they got there and why. Some feeble attempts were made to come up with a reasonable answer, but it was clear this was some kind of “auto-pilot” situation. We assume they called a cab and got a ride the night before.

On one level my brothers did not think they had the ability to coordinate a cab ride, but were slightly impressed behind the bewilderment. After about an hour, my parents were taken back to what is now their full-time retirement home and press on with day three. My brothers stayed until after dinner and drinks so my parents would not be left alone too long to their own devices before bed time which comes early. They are not certain the same thing won’t happen, but the parents seemed content. We shall see on day four if they flee back to their townhouse in the night. Intrigued.

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