Operation Safety Net: Day 4

My parents managed to stay put in their retirement apartment last night. My brothers called ahead to let them know they were arriving soon and all seemed well. Today they were all meeting with a home care and driving service to see if my parents had any interest or questions for the representative. The meeting went fine, but my brothers had most of the questions.

One of my brothers accompanied the home care representative down to the lobby.  Once they left, my mother immediately started asking my other brother why we were being so hard on them and pushing the driving issues. He reiterated that neither of them could legally drive, loss of insurance and need to be in their retirement community per the recommendations by three different doctor’s over the past six months.

We are still navigating the varied levels of care offered within the retirement community, but today, those choices have to be made or accepted by my parents.  While we have a medical power of attorney, our parents still have the final say.

We believe our parents feel the current turn of events will somehow all blow over and they are waiting us out and will go back to their independent and mobile lifestyle. They cannot recall any of the events leading up to this point, and why they need help so it is a constant daily, hourly, and sometimes a minute-by-minute struggle of irrational logic and sheer forgetfulness over-and-over-and-over. Our mother chooses moments to push back. Our father seems to get it, but stays silent most of the time. Studied.

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