Creating memories with your Grandparents

Grandparents Day Memory Board Activity

One of the most interesting aspects of my journey with my two demented parents, is the support and energy my own family gives me.  They respect the days I want to bury my head in the sand and they volunteer to play wing man on those days they know I’m a little wobbly. A few months ago, my daughter started to work on creating a book with questions and activities she could offer to other kids. It was something we would do on visits with my parents and it was a great way to pass time since they could still speak about things from their childhood.  We finished it up two weeks ago and named it The GRAND Activity Book.

She brought it to the local Grandparent’s Day celebration. She manned a  craft table where we gave out free memory boards so grandchildren and grandparents could spend time together on an activity that will allow them to share and learn a little bit more about each other.  She also brought The GRAND Activity Book to sell to grandparents.  It was a very rewarding experience.

In the activity book she included  simple questions like which would you choose “Pizza or Spaghetti” as well as longer questions that follow a “How would you ….. “ format that she hand-picked from the audio program called StoryCorps.

I am proud to see that she’s making the most of the situation. When I went to visit my parents the other day and didn’t invite her she asked me why. I told her that I don’t want her to remember my parents as they are today. She snorted at me and retorted, “I do remember and understand the difference.”

I need to divvy out more credit to all of those around me. My children, my husband, and my parents.  I’m glad my kids have walked this journey with me. While I hope they never have to walk it again, at least I know I tried my best to learn, share and help. Motivated.

To order a copy of The GRAND Activity Book, visit MemoryBanc. Each booklet is only $7.50 which includes shipping.

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