My humor is starting to wane and that worries me!

My daughter just turned ten. When I visited my parents a few days before, my mom gave me a sealed envelope she addressed to my daughter.

She just had me help put together a card and check for my nephew, so I was curious what she put in the envelope for my daughter. She initially suggested I buy her a gift.

When my daughter was opening presents, she gets to the envelope my mom had made. For years, my mom would write little poems, which is what I was expecting to fall out.

Instead, the envelope was filled with various pictures from my parent’s life in the past decade. One was a picture of my parents with my daughter, but the others included a picture of the lake at the retirement community when it was under construction and a picture of the empty deck at my parents town house.

My husband and kids laughed — it was an odd collection of pictures in a funny strange way. I felt the angst my mom must have felt in trying to put together the envelope for my daughter.

I feel like I’m getting a little to close to the flame and need to pull back so I can continue to help my parents without burning myself out. I need to find the humor — things promise to only get more difficult.

Whether its funny strange or funny ha-ha, I need to see the humor in our situation. Acknowledged.

6 thoughts on “My humor is starting to wane and that worries me!

  1. Kay, my two cents on your thoughts here: I dont think you need to force yourself to find the humor. Some incidents like this are just plain sad. Not to sound all Opra-esque, but maybe its okay to just feel bad about what is lost when it strikes you that way, then you may indeed find the humor in another story tomorrow. I think you have a remarkably healthy frame of mind, give yourself a break.

  2. Hi Kay,
    I think this is going to be a question for us to explore on the Dementia Dialogue?!
    We use humour a lot in this house – Pete calls it like being in a threesome, that is, two is company and three (dementia) is a crowd! I have named our threesome The Three Stooges, and Mr Dementia is Larry!
    As Melissa said, it is ok to be emotional, in fact good for you.
    With love and hope,

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