Thank you Seth Rogen – Humor is Helpful

sethtestestifyDementia sucks for everyone. It is little understood and robs the afflicted of their memory, independence and usually in the later stages of their dignity.

When this journey started, I had to look up dementia versus Alzheimer’s. I will admit that I’m a little conflicted about how one type of dementia (Alzheimer’s) dominates the dialogue — regardless, I was pleased to see Seth Rogen’s approach to help shed light on the disease.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I’ve had many situations that while tragic, were downright funny. This journey is hard, and humor helps.

To see Seth’s testimony, visit: Seth Rogen pleads with Congress over Alzheimer’s, slams low-senator turnout. Laughed. 

Some of the Funny Stories (upon reflection) include:

Call us Back so we can see if the Phone is off the Hook

Panty Raids in Assisted Living?

Someone Broke into your House?

One thought on “Thank you Seth Rogen – Humor is Helpful

  1. The power of humor is greatly underestimated. I also think it is important that a celebrity with a younger fan base is doing advocacy work on the behalf of Alzheimer’s.

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