Dad Would Have Been 82 Today

img005My father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s died of cancer back in September. This is our first birthday without him. It’s taken me some time to digest what I have been saying for many months — he’s in a better place now. He was uncomfortable and couldn’t eat in the final month of his life.

I still smile when I think of the number of times we would show up at an appointment and when asked by the nurse, my Dad would respond “I’m just the driver” and point to me.

My Dad was wonderful. Most of my friends were surprised to find what a kind, silly man he really was.While I miss him dearly — it was difficult to mourn our loss when he was still on this planet but no longer himself because of the Alzheimer’s. I have a lot of wonderful memories and will celebrate the day by reflecting on all the great things he taught me and all the wonderful moments we shared.

I included a picture of a moment a staff photographer captured as I was fixing one of his pins before a parade. Treasured. 

5 thoughts on “Dad Would Have Been 82 Today

  1. Great photo, thanks for sharing. I find that after losing a loved one, special occasions can be easier to bear by doing what you are doing, reflecting on the good memories and what made them such a special person.

  2. Dear Kay, Thanks for sharing, as always. The first year after you lose someone you love, which means you are facing all those special times without them for the ‘first time’, is definitely the hardest. Sending loads of love and hugs. Kate xox

  3. Thank you. One day I’m sure I’m done crying … then something sneaks up and the loss is fresh again. I’m lucky to face this really for the first time at 49.

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