What is The One Thing You Need to Stay Healthy?

It turns out that having purpose is a robust predictor of health and wellness. Have you found yours?

I’ve noticed a growing trend amongst us boomers. We have been steering clear of the classic ideal called retirement that we grew up with. Watching the decline in my parent’s when they “retired” is why I’ve been planning on working, in some form, as long as I’m able to contribute.

Prudential began a smart campaign geared to build on this growing trend. We watch as people are asked “If you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?”  To visit this campaign, check out the video

Purpose is important throughout our lives. An article in The New York Times called “Living with Purpose” reports:

So not only is my wish to have meaning and purpose in my life and contribute back to my community, but that need is also a factor to help keep me healthy.

Have you found your purpose? 


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