Making Memories Easy to Use and Share

ScanMyPhotos2011When my dad died, we pulled a host of photos together and had them scanned so we could show a photo montage at the celebration of his life. I used a local service, but was intrigued when I talked with the Mitch Goldstone, the owner of Scan My Photos. They made this process simple and easy.

Basically, you sign up and they send you a pre-paid box you fill with photos. You opt for the amount and resolution and receive DVD in return, plus your photos. They offer a host of other services to enhance and preserve your photos that you will find at the web site

They are running a 25th anniversary special and you can save 25% on your order. You will need to use coupon code “25Years” to get the discount. That means a scan of around 1,800 photos would cost around $110. Not a bad deal. But you have to act now if you want to test it out. I’m going to be sending in my first box today. Recommended. 

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