Pop-Pop would be proud

My son, who has just graduated high school, joined me on my visit with mom today. He is leaving tomorrow for the outdoor National track meet. He worked hard to qualify and proud seems too small a word for me to describe his accomplishments.

When he tells my mom, she quickly responds “Pop-Pop would be so excited for you if he were alive.”

I choke out a response about dad being able to cheer him on from above. My mom has never really talked about dad. It was heart-wrenching the first few months when she just wanted to know when he was coming back to their apartment. Now, she fully grasps that he is gone and her comment was a wonderful response to a momentus accomplishment.

My moms comment is so clear, normal, and true. I got a glimpse of the  gracious, witty woman who loved and admired dad too. Awestruck.

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