The benefit of a memory care community

I am currently in Belize with my daughter and our church Youth Group. I can’t imagine trying to manage a week away if mom were living with my family. As a sandwich generation caregiver, I want to make sure I don’t short change my daughter and miss the opportunity to be a good mom to her. She is pictured below being silly and showing me how to have fun with he “panoramic” picture feature on my iPhone. We are spending the week painting the 4 room schoolhouse in the Cayo district of Belize as well as getting to know the many children that attend the school.  
Thankfully, my parents saved and told us they never wanted to live with us. It would have made things simpler had we had a conversation years ago with the amount of care they have needed and the complications that dementia brought as we worked to transition them into a safe environment.

Right now I’m happy that my mom is in a community and we have the extra care she needs in place so I can also have the time to focus on raising my kids. Pleased. 

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  1. wow…your dad would be so proud, on so many levels, including the previous one with your son’s visit to your mom…thanks for all you do!

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