Be Careful on Your Next Visit to the Doctor

I hope that by now, you have made copies of what is in your wallet. Should it get lost or stolen, you have a quick and easy way to cancel or freeze your credit cards and know what needs to get replaced. Most of us have a home printer and it takes 2 minutes to copy everything in your wallet. I recommend you use color and consider enlarging the images so they are easier to read.

If you are caring for a loved one, it’s an easy way to keep track of their important information and access it at a moments notice.

Here are some tips from the police to avoid becoming victims to pickpocketers:

  • Keep all your personal items in your front pockets
  • Zip, fasten, and close your purse
  • Report any suspicious people or events
  • Make sure your elderly loved ones are accompanied by a trusted family member or friend

The job of are caregiver is already hard. Now we have to layer in some extra work to protect our loved ones in places we never expected to find criminals. Disgusted. 

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