Happy Healthy Aging Month 2019

healthyagingmonthSeptember is Healthy Aging Month. It is defined as a time to celebrate life and help individuals gain a more positive outlook about growing older. This topic is always on my mind as a Daily Money Manager. Everyday, I work with adults over 50+ and see how the choices made and not made impact an individual’s ability to live well.

After having cared for two parent’s with different dementia’s, I am passionate about how to best navigate aging, balance independence, and maximize purpose and meaning in life.

I believe that our habits will help us live independently longer. But many of us don’t have the habits needed to gracefully manage aging well so I am going to offer up daily suggestions this month to how we can best age gracefully and with dignity.

What you do now and the habits you create can make a huge difference to how you live the rest of your life. Recommended.

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