Healthy Aging Habit 1 – Use ONE Calendar


Having more than one primary calendar will get you into trouble. I have a book that I carry during my work day and sits next to my computer that is my “master” calendar. I sync it up at least every Sunday with my digital calendar that is shared with my family and coworkers. When I’m out and someone asks to schedule something, I can quickly check it on the digital calendar I can access from my phone (if I don’t have my book calendar with me).

I’ve always had a paper system. I like to take notes and also use my “master” paper calendar as a To-Do List. Some people may use only digital, others only paper. Just make sure you have ONE MASTER Calendar.

I watched my parents and now my clients that have more than one paper calendar. They invariably double book or miss appointments because its difficult to manage appointments consistently in two paper versions.

If you are assisting a loved one, I recommend getting them a small format desk calendar (11×17) that can sit in the kitchen. Not only does it offer more space to write down information, but it’s too big to get picked up and moved. Here is a link to the one I have given to a few clients – it’s attractive and offers space to list important phone numbers and key tasks for the month.

I don’t recommend the wall calendars because they aren’t easy to use. Invariably, they get taken down to write down appointments and seem to move around the living space instead of being kept on the wall.

My favorite planner for the past few years is the Action Day Planner.  Please check out the different formats and sizes, there are quite a few.

No matter what you chose, I just hope you will find a format that works for you. Experienced.

** Please shop around. I don’t get any incentives or kickbacks on these links – I’m just sharing some suggestions that have worked well for me and my clients. 

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  1. Great advice. If I don’t have time to update my calendar with Mom’s information from her calendar, I snap a picture of it for easy reference when I get back home. Ditto for the shopping list.

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