Ask your friends how they are spending their retirement – Healthy Habit 11

successful aging

I have a neighbor that is spending time in a southern location and loving it. She’s quite content and wonders why the rest of us are still working. I am actually frightened of the idea of having unstructured days without a goal.

In working with older adults, and after watching how “retirement” dulled my parents zeal, I’m wondering what the rest of my life will look like. I believe the brain is a muscle and you either use it or you lose it. I know it’s not that simple, but as my friends are all starting to plan and migrate off into varied paths after full-time careers, they are all going to have to sit through my Q&A.

I also have a variety of adults over 70 and 80 that are community dynamo’s I hope I can emulate as I continue to circle the sun.

What I have witnessed is that most of the individuals I’d like to follow are engaged in their community in meaningful ways. While they also tend to disappear for a few months on some grand excursions, they are also making a difference on a daily basis through volunteer activities, board participation, and even mentoring.

Everyone has a different idea of what the rest of their life should look like, and it seems like we have more choices than ever. I hope you will open your mind and learn what and how those around you area navigating into their 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Not only will you increase your social activity which is a healthy habit, but you will also get the opportunity to expand your vision of what the rest of your life could be. Imagined. 

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