Know Short-Term Memory Loss is NOT a Normal Consequence of Aging – Health Habit 12


There are many conditions that can cause memory loss and an early diagnosis can make a huge difference for you and your loved ones.

When you dig into the science, short-term memory loss is not a normal consequence of aging. You should consider your brain like you do a muscle and it needs exercise to stay strong.

Our brain processing speed slows down generally at 50, but we should still be able to retrieve the information. If you believe you have short-term memory issues, speak with your primary care physician and request a visit to a neurologist for an evaluation if you don’t find a cause.

In general, we can store from 5-9 pieces of information in our short-term memory. If you want something to stick you need to pay attention and attach meaning to it. Where you distracted when someone was talking to you so you didn’t really hear what they were saying to you?

I’m thankful I still have a child at home so I can see that even she seems to forget things. However, the reality is that she never received the information in the first place, which our modern and distracted lifestyles seem to encourage.

Just know that memory loss is NOT a normal consequence of aging. To learn more about this and find out how to boost your memory and recall get a copy of Dr. Cynthia Green’s Total Memory Workout.

Please don’t believe that memory loss is a consequence of getting older and take the time to learn more about how you can rev up recall. Encouraged.

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