Ever wonder what you should have in place so that a loved one could help you?

blogtalkradioRobert Sharpe, host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth radio show, interviewed me about my journey to care for my parents. He focused in on the key topic I regularly evangelize — which is getting your documents, accounts and assets in order.

Did you know that Consumer Reports found 7 out of 10 couples didn’t know about or how to access the MAJOR financial accounts they shared? We lead busy lives and today our disorganization has already cost American families $58 billion. How much will it cost you?

We talk through some real life stories and discuss why having a durable power of attorney and medical directives are important for everyone over 18. We also go into the how and why these details are most important to ensure you have the life quality you desire.

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Download a copy of the Important Documents Summary if you need this information for you or your family. Listen to this podcast for a walk through the list and how and why each item is important. Interviewed.