The sale of the town house is really awful timing

splitheartMy parents have just been told they are being moved into Assisted Living in two days. No one said a word as we walked back from the meeting, but as soon as we walk into my parent’s apartment in Independent Living, my mom erupts. “We are moving out. Let’s get our bags and go now.” My dad tells her “No, I’m not going to fight it.”

My parents disagree. Only a few times in my life have my parents disagreed in front of me. I should say, has my dad disagreed or contradicted my mom.

On the way back to the apartment, I texted my brothers and told them to please come as soon as possible. My brothers shortly arrive and my mom tries to tell them what’s happened. She hands them the letter.  “The sale of the town house is really awful timing,” my mom laments. She decides that she will just move into a hotel for now until they find a new place.  E, the brother who just spent the last week with them, tells them why he agrees with the move. This just makes my mom angrier and the conversation escalates into the illogical zone.

She’s unhappy with the fact that the three of her children support the decision made by the retirement community. She makes a variety of statements and demands about the situation. My siblings and I are wondering how we are going to make it to move day – and it’s only two days away.

I turn to my dad and ask him what he wants to do. He says he will be moving into Assisted Living in two days. Divided.

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