I’m calling a lawyer

My parents have now been notified that they are going to be moved into Assisted Living in two days. My mom is very upset over this and wants to fight it while my dad has agreed to go along with the recommendation.

legal scaleWe tried to prepare for this and limit the escape options. Our parents have surprised us with their smarts on this journey. When we thought disabling the car would keep them from behind the wheel, they manage to get someone to “fix” the car. We know to stay on our toes now.

After lunch, my mom decides that she’s going to demand 30 days notice and wants to speak to a lawyer. My mom get’s my dad back on her side and announces “I’m calling a lawyer.”

The retirement community did not do notify my parents and expect them to move in two days. They called me about this two weeks ago and I asked for some time to put the pieces in place so that we could make this happen. Part of the process included getting outside counsel from a lawyer to confirm that they had the right to move my parents and on a time line the retirement community could dictate. I also wanted to make sure my siblings could be in town to help and show a united front in support of this move.

My parents have done enough things, and most recently something that could have harmed another resident, that the retirement community is invoking the rights my parents gave them when they moved in. The retirement community is going to transfer my parents into the next level of care. The retirement community tried to help my parents get to this decision on their own, but none of the attempts worked – this is the last option.

We sit as my mom goes into the kitchen, picks up the phone, has a short conversation requesting a meeting about “real estate” and confirms a meeting at their apartment tomorrow at 1 PM. My mom returns and shows my dad the name of the person she called. It happens to be a lawyer listed in the directory of the retirement community. Witnessed.  

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