How are your parents doing?

ForKayMany people ask this of me and I am pleased to share that my parents are happy. I know that my parents are not going to get better, this is a possibly a very long slow road of decline, but for now, I have a positive response when asked.

On my last visit, my mom had actually created a mail pile for me that included a bill and a check. She even put a label on the pile for me (see photo). Typically, I arrive at their apartment and as we are chatting, I will slowly wander around, pick up and sort through piles of mail, envelopes, papers and magazines.

I bring a large purse and casually drop in bills, magazine renewals and requests for donations that I find. Typically, the most important papers are in my parent’s bedroom — but I wait for an invitation to enter. On a weekly basis there is usually a reason my mom wants me to help her with something in the bedroom.

I will continue to respect their independence and tread lightly. It seems the less I push, the more they offer. Discovered.


2 thoughts on “How are your parents doing?

  1. Very true. I grew up moving all the time. I now have roots in my hometown and many friends and am happy to know they care! I’ve learned so much on this journey … and know I have a lot more to learn.

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